Sanmi Akindipe popularly called Successful Sanmi as many of his radio and TV fans popularly call him  is a polymath. An acclaimed business mogul, serial entrepreneur and global speaker. It is true.
Sanmi is many things. From a maverick, financial strategist, marketplace expert, a business system expert, leadership genius, a real estate head, a family man, a self-made millionaire to a polymath. He trains on business finance, capital market, customer services, real estate, leadership, sales and marketing relationships and so on.

Successful Sanmi  is a consummate speaking professional! On and off stage. He doesn’t just talk business – he lives it. For real, he walks, talks and breathes it! You see he does more than simply inspire revolution, he’s the guy that initiates it.
He has been the catalyst for change in businesses across the nations through expertise in strategy, leadership and sales.

An author of over 60 books that has capacity of changing lives. He is the bestselling author of more than five books including “How to become a money magnet“ and  “Secrets of making mega millions from penny stock”, the most desired book on penny stock in Nigeria, a columnist in success digest extra, wealth platform magazine, money matters magazine, of which he is the publisher and so many other.

Sanmi is a TV, DSTV and radio host of money matters; a financial intelligence show across media platforms in Nigeria .He is seen and heard on inspiration fm 92.3,dstv agogo ayo, city fm 105.5, galaxy TV, DSTV, classic fm 97.3, Jordan 105.5  where currently runs a business show every Monday to Friday.

He runs several seminars annually some of which are; 30 days one on one mentorship program with successful sanmi, money magnet super summit and more than 22 other trainings that cut across leadership, business, finance, mindset and so on.

A staggering more than 35 global cities have experienced successful Sanmi. Oh and add Tampa Florida, London, Lagos, Coventry, Newcastle and Atlanta Georgia to mention a few.

That’s what you get when you talk about things that make people to become money magnet.

Successful Sanmi lives his life out loud and challenges himself to accomplish one terrifying thing every year. He is the president of Literacy to End Poverty Foundation; financial literacy and empowerment NGO. He is also the president of financial peace ministries which teaches bible ways of money any business with the mandate of raising giants for God’s kingdom. He has been running several Christian financial conferences for more than a decade. He runs a Christian business school with the mandate of raising people who do business supernaturally.

An enterprise award winner of one of the World most prestigious company publishing Success Digest Extra and one of the youngest on the list of 40 people you must know to be rich in Nigeria by the prestigious Fortune and Class Magazine.

Married to a Queen Oluwatoyin Oluwasanmi and blessed with children.